Holistic Elements Mental Health Therapy

Office Staff


Amanda Swartz

Administrative Assistant

Email Julieholisticelements.om@gmail.com

Amanda Swartz is the Administrative Assistant at Holistic Elements.  She has her Associates in Business.   Amanda recently moved to Utah from North Pennsylvania.  She has worked as an Office Manager, Resident Care Director and as a CNA.  Amanda has always been passionate about helping others.  She enjoys being in healthcare.    Amanda has a passion for making everyone feel welcomed and valued.  She is a great listener and excels at problem sovling.  Amanda loves teaching/coaching in every capacity.  She is happy, full of energy and enthusiastic.  Amanda is always looking for more efficient, thorough ways of doing things.  Outside of her employment, Amanda enjoys painting, being outdoors and experiencing new things.  Amanda is our ray of sunshine. 

Corrina Midkiff

Office Assistant

Email Karenholisticelements.fa@gmail.com

Corrina is the full-time Office Assistant at Holistic Elements.  Corrina brings with her a lot of knowledge and expertise in the area of customer service and office management.  Corrina excels at problem-solving.  She has a way of making everyone she meets feel special.  Corrina is personable, kind and genuine.  


Alisha Francis

Office Assistant

Email Sophiealishachantel18@gmail.com

Alisha is the part-time Administrative Assistant at Holistic Elements.  She is currently taking classes at the University of Utah working toward her degree in Social Work.    She is motivated, determined and a goal setter.  Alisha is warm, goofy, yet a self-starter.  She has a lot of compassion for kids and adolescents that are in difficult situations.  She has 5 years working in an office setting. Alisha shows her warmth by making everyone feel welcomed at Holistic. Outside of work, she enjoys singing, playing the piano and diving into her inner self.  She is passionate about using holistic approaches to stay grounded and balanced.   Alisha is a rare gem and we are lucky to have her on our team.