Holistic Elements Mental Health Therapy

PTSD Treatment. Bipolar Treatment. Anxiety Treatment. Panic Attacks Treatment. Addiction Treatment.  ADHD Treatment.  Borderline Personality Treatment.  Personality Disorders. ETC.



Therapeutic Approaches


Holistic Elements has several therapists with different specializations.  Every therapists is training in how diet, exercise, stress management recovery, and other holistic approaches impact mental health.  

Services offered:

  • Individual Therapy (children, adolescents and adults)
  • Couple's/Marriage Therapy (heterosexual and homosexual (LGBTQ)
  • Group Therapy (DBT Group and Adolescent Group)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • ​Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Client Centered
  • ​Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Music Therapy
  • ​Narrative Therapy
  • Psychoeducational
  • ​Gestalt Therapy
  • Functional Family Therapy
  • Systems Family Therapy


Yoga & Mindfulness


The body stores stress in different places of the body, which increases inflammation.  Usually, when people think of inflammation, we think of rolling an ankle or breaking a limb; which then causes inflammation or swelling.  The inflammation inside the body is caused by stress, boxed and canned foods, pesticides and preservatives.  It is pertinent that people implement relaxation into their daily lives to reduce stress and inflammation.

There are several different types of yoga and meditation.  Clients can learn helpful yoga postures for their mental health condition(s).  Various types of meditation modaltities can be learned during scheduled appointments. 


Mineral Oils


Mineral Oils have been used by the Native Americans decades ago, yet for some of us it is a new concept.   Just like people were skeptic of mental health conditions and therapy, they are afraid of what they dont know.  Mineral oils are a derivative of plants.  Each Mineral Oil is unique in its' properties and therefore it is essential to use the correct ones for your condition.  Mineral Oils can be used topically, orally and through olfactory throught aromatherapy.  When used topically it is essential that it is applied to the bottom of the foot where the poors are the largest and can be absorbed.  

Therapists at Holistic Elements can teach you more about Mineral Oils and how to use them to help manage your mental health condition(s).  In the Reception Room/Lounging Room there is a basket of a variety of Mineral Oils for you to try.  



Throughout a lifetime most people will endure a traumatic event.  The brain will process the event to the best of its' ability, the remainder will be stored in the hippocampus.  The properties of the hippocampus is to store information and to regulate the neurotransmitters.  For example, a car accident will result in an increase of the anxiety neurotransmitter which will continue to result in an increase of anxiety until it is properly processed either through dream work or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (E.M.D.R.)  E.M.D.R. copies dream sleep by simulating the bilateral eye movement, which allows stuck memory to be processed through the emotional brain and the smart brain through th Corpus Collusum.  The information goes back and forth in the brain, as the eyes go back and forth.  Processing trauma using E.M.D.R. allows the trauma to be processed and desensitized, hence no more triggers or trauma. Therapist at Holistic Elements specialize in E.M.D.R. Treatment.


Eating for Health


We are always hearing how bad food causes physical problems, ie: causing obesity and cardiac failure. The truth of the matter is, diet plays a significant role in mental health.  The more one knows about food the more one can manage his/her mental health.

Anti-oxidants (nuts & berries) clear the neural pathways which allows for more effective communication between neurons.  People tend to crave chocolate when they are depressed because they are low on magnesium.   There are healthier foods that have high levels of magnesium such as: kale, romaine lettuce, etc.  Neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Seratonin, etc are made by minerals and vitamins in our diet.  When we consume nutrient dense foods we have more balanced neurotransmitters.  This topic has so much interesting information this is just the icing on the cake.  Learn more about food and it's role in how you feel.